Community Service

Quilts for Little Angels

I created the Quilts for Little Angels project in January 2020 to create quilts and donate them to infants and toddlers. I have been sewing and quilting for several years. Baby quilts are some of my favorite quilts to create. Charity quilting is an important activity for me.

This project is not sponsored by any group or organization. I fund this project with my own money. I buy all of the fabric, thread and supplies on my own.

The mission of Quilts for Little Angels is to donate quilts to child care centers that are located within domestic violence shelters, homeless shelters, substance abuse treatment facilities and other organizations that focus on the care, nurture or education of children.

The goal of Quilts for Little Angels is to provide the infants and toddlers in those child care facilities with some handcrafted love to comfort them.

The children in these facilities are usually experiencing some form of trauma. There is type of comfort that you feel being snuggled in a quilt that you do not feel while in a blanket. By giving comfort to the children to help reduce trauma, I am helping parents with their parenting. As a Public Defender for more than 17 years, I know that this need exists. I am thankful for the opportunity to be a blessing.

Mask Making

In March 2020, many people who know that I sew and quilt asked me if I was selling masks. I was working from home. I did not have the time to take special orders. However, I had 100 yards of elastic and plenty of cotton fabric in my stash. I decided to sew masks for free and give them to whoever needed them.

All of the 760 masks (as of 3/12/21) I made were given away for free. The first 100 masks were donated to firefighters and EMTs. Additionally, I mailed 50 masks to the Navaho Nation. The remaining masks were given to family, friends and friends of friends for free. I only asked for people to pay for the postage.

My Facebook friends would often tell me when they needed masks for themselves or their friends and family. The entire process was accomplished by word of mouth. When some people received the masks in the mail, they would post a picture of the masks on Facebook or Instagram and tag me in the photo. When people commented on the photo that they needed masks, I told them to message me. I also included an option on the Contact page of this website for people to request masks.

It is fulfilling to help during the pandemic. I was raised with the belief in having a positive impact on my community. I have a moral and ethical obligation to use my skills, gifts and talents to help those in need.